Proud sponsors include:


Best in Show – Norway Savings Bank

Web Page Sponsor – Town & Country FCU

Scholarship Sponsor – Troiano Waste

Kids in the Park – Saco & Biddeford Savings

Student Prizes Sponsor – RE/Max Horizon the Linscott Team

Classroom Prizes Sponsor - Peoples United Bank and  Sprague Energy

Cash Sponsor - Evergreen Credit Union and Lois Stock

Sponsor Information

Art in the Park is entirely funded by artist registration fees and contributions from sponsors. Sponsors may donate the full amount of a particular sponsorship or donate any amount to the show, either for general costs or as part of a particular sponsorship.

All sponsors are listed in the show's program, which is a full-color insert in the Portland Press Herald distributed to more than 40,000 households and newsracks. The program is also distributed throughout the community and handed out on show day. Some sponsors also get additional recognition as noted.

Some sponsorships are very popular and sell out immediately. If you have any questions or want to check availability of a sponsorship, please contact

Michele Howard at or (207) 767-7605.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Cash prize sponsor. On show day, sixteen cash prizes are awarded based on the judges' selections for merit. These cash prizes are:
  • Best in Show ($800.00)
  • Second Prize ($600.00)
  • Third Prize ($500.00)
  • Fourth Prize ($400.00)
  • Best Photo in Show ($500.00)
  • Merit Award (five at $150.00 each; $750.00 for all)
  • High School Student prizes (six @ $30.00 each; $180.00 for all)

NOTE: Cash prize sponsors in amounts over $450.00 will be identified on the website with links to their websites. They will also be identified in press releases and show announcements.


  • Art Class Awards Sponsor (9 @ $50.00 each; $450.00 for all). In lieu of individual cash prizes for student art in the elementary and middle schools, Art in the Park gives each art teacher at each school $50 to supplement their supplies for their classes. If one sponsor donates the entire amount ($450.00), the sponsor will be identified on the Student Art page of the website with a link to the sponsor's website. They will also be identified in the press releases and show announcements.
  • Arthur Hahn Scholarship Sponsor ($1,000.00; half sponsorship $500.00).  Every year Art in the Park awards a $1,000.00 scholarship to a student graduating from South Portland High School who is going on to study art in college. The scholarship recipient is announced at the final senior assembly in early June. The Scholarship Sponsor or half-sponsors are named in the announcement of the winner, are prominently identified in the program, and are identified on the website on the scholarship page with links to the sponsors' websites.
  • Program Advertising Sponsor. Advertising sponsors pay for full-color ads in the program. Price varies depending on size and location:
  • 4.75" W x 3" H ad inside ($175.00)
  • 4.75" W by 5" H inside ($275.00)
  • Full (9.75" W x 11.5" H) back cover ($1000.00)
  • Half back cover (9.75" W x 5.75" H - only available if full back cover is not sold) ($500.00)
  • Full (9.75" W x 11.5" H) inside page ($750.00)
  • Website Advertising Sponsor ($400.00). The website advertising sponsor gets space on the home page of the Art in the Park website with a linked logo.   Message will read “[Sponsor's name] is a proud sponsor of Art in the Park." Only one website sponsorship is sold.
  • Kids in the Park Sponsor ($700.00). Kids in the Park is a free art-making area for kids that is extremely popular with the public. The Kids in the Park sponsor is prominently identified in the program, is named in press releases and show announcements, and is identified on the website on the Kids in the Park page with a link to the sponsor's website.
  • Facepainting Sponsor ($150.00). Facepainting is in the Kids in the Park® area but a separate sponsorship. Facepainting is very popular with children.
  • T-shirts Sponsor ($1000.00). Every year Art in the Park selects art made by a student in the South Portland schools to put on its t-shirt. The T-shirt sponsor's logo is placed on the back of the shirts. The T-shirt sponsor receives several free t-shirts, is prominently identified in the program, is named in press releases and show announcements, and is identified on a website page with a link to the sponsor's website.


  • Sponsor's Choice Sponsor. Sponsor's Choice Sponsors pay $500.00 in advance of the show as a prepaid purchase of art. On show day, the artists designate selections at their stands that are reserved for Sponsor's Choice Sponsors. The Sponsor makes the selection and it is announced with the other awards at noon. All of the $500.00 payment is paid to the artist whose work is selected on show day. If a Sponsor's Choice Sponsor is unable to attend on show day to make a selection, the sponsorship will be carried over to the next year. If the sponsor is unable to attend two years in a row, Art in the Park reserves the right to retain the payment as a general donation.

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