Emergency Medical Services Division

The delivery of Emergency Medical Services continues to be the largest part of our business. The EMS division is under the oversight of the Deputy Chief of Personnel/EMS/Public Health. We have again seen a steady increase in the demand for our Emergency Medical Services. Currently the department has 49 paramedics employed. More than half of our full time staff at the South Portland Fire Department is currently licensed at the paramedic level. This is the highest level of emergency medical training offered in the state of Maine. We continue to recruit and train paramedics in an effort to provide our citizens the highest level of medical care available in the pre-hospital setting. Our hiring and recruitment process allows us to recruit high quality firefighter/paramedics from around the country. The department also prides itself in having some of the most advanced medical equipment in the field. In 2012 the department introduced LIFEPAK 15 cardiac monitors in our frontline ambulances. This provides more advanced clinical technologies to our paramedics as well as integration to our computer software programs.

Currently we operate two staffed ambulances, one at Central Station and one at Western Avenue Station. Additionally, our three fulltime fire companies are fully equipped and staffed to handle most medical emergencies until an ambulance arrives. This allows us to begin providing advanced medical care as soon as a fire truck or ambulance arrives.    

For information on Ambulance Fees and to see the current rates click the link below

South Portland Ambulance Fees