New Hires

May 2019

It's actually been a slow couple of months. Good time of year for that to happen as it allows us to catch up from the all the new year changes and the twelve new hires in January! 5 Police Officers, 5 new Firefighters, a new Mechanic for Water Resource and an Administrative Assistance for Planning and Development. Parks, Recreation and Waterfront have taken on a couple of new people as well in February and April. Once again we must say good-bye to yet another loss. Robert Sevigny, 25 year Fire Truck Mechanic unexpectedly passed away in April. He will be missed and left big shoes to fill. Farewell Bob, rest in peace. 

January 2019

I keep wanting to keep up with this page but somehow it always seems to get away from me. As you can see below I have not updated this page since June 2018. It just doesn't seem possible that so much time has passed. 40+ year Police Officer Robert Scarpelli tended his resignation and joined the ranks of the retired but will he stay there? Right behind him 32+ year Police Officer John Bostwick also rode off into the sunset but full fledged retirement is not on his mind. Good luck and best wishes to you both! Sadly we lost two more great ones. We were shocked by both. Public Works Superintendent Kevin Ishihara passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. He was not here for very long but made a big impression while he was here. Over 21 years in the South Portland Fire Department family, Lt. Harry Weymouth died as the result of a car accident. It was with great sorrow that we had to say good-bye to both. Two more 30+ year employees moved on, yes, another Police Office Ted Sargent and Water Resource Operator Tom Hill. We hope you both enjoy your retirement! Long time Parks Mechanic Jason Walker left for greener pastures. And most recently with almost 31 years in the Department, Firefighter David Barrett signed off for the last time with us. With these big time departures, we have made some big time replacements. And though they are all worthy of mention here, the list is long. Parks and Rec, Firefighters, Police Officers, both red pins and blue pins - already sworn Police Officers (do they call experienced Firefighters red pins?) Rookies and Probies. Accountants and Controllers, Code Enforcement and Administrative Assistants, all part of our growing family of staff. We welcome you all and hope you stay for a long time. It's a great place to be. :)          

June 2018

Wow time flies! Since May of 2016 we have seen some big turn-over. Lots of great new employees have joined our ranks and we've said good-bye to many great long-time employees, some of which are off to enjoy their golden retirement years while others have moved on to other positions. We said good-bye to our City Manager Jim Gailey and welcomed Scott Morelli to pick up where Jim left off.

We were heartbroken at the passing of three actively employed members of our family. Joe Colucci, Scott Coyne and Troy Sollenberger. What would normally be a very rare event, we suffered the loss of all three in a one year period. Our sincerest of condolence's to all their families and friends.

We were sad to say good-bye to so many wonderful co-workers but wish them all well at the same time.

Laurie Gingrich, Richard Lee, Patricia Maynard, Miles Haskell, Sherry Nadeau, Jim Gailey, Jessica Hanscombe,  Eric Rodenbeck, Zhenya Shevchenko, Mark Lorello, Steven Webster, Patricia Doucette, Jaime Crain, Virginia "Ginny" Blodgett, Todd Barlow, Lisa Thompson, Kevin Webster, Sarah Neuts, Jeffrey Caldwell, Pia Seddon, Thomas Connolly, Angela Lemelin, Robert "Bob" Tripp, Donald Brewer, Arthur Ginn, Chris Dumais, Stanislaw Wiernusz, Edward Flynn, John Pallozzi, Andrew Coughlin, Susan Borelli, Amy Jennings, Cathy Counts, Kristie Bradbury

We're excited to welcome so many great new additions!

Rebekka Conley, Serena Joyce, Anthony Johnson, Amory Houghton, Alysia River, Esther Palmieri, Aaron Blackadar, Ryan Johns, Cody Munson, Karla Doyon, Michele Howard, Aurora Cobb, Jacob Freeman, Nicholas, Santy, Nicholas, Whitmore, Lee Anne Dodge, Dale Cole, Frank Thompson, John Larsen, Cynthia Czubryt, Richard Bicknell, Kevin Ishihara, Andrew Allen, Dylan Leslie, Scott Morelli, Erik Donohoe, Brittany Michele, Peggy Haller, Eric Young, Justin Gove, Mary Gagne, Kim Theriault, Anthony Verville, Joseph Brown, Dana Baldwin, Richard Tabb, Emily Conroy, Karl Coughlin, Seth Nielsen, Jenee Nadeau, John Chambers, Lucy Brennan, Kurt Knudsen, Oscar Corral, Justin Robash, Alex Bragdon, Marlena Reichardt, April Bolstridge, Thomas Dyer, Renaldo Louw, Stephanie Weaver, Michael Dery, William Mann, Alfred Burris,  Ryan Doughty, Joao Bordallo, David Cunningham, Bryan Connelly 

May 2016

We have started off the month of May with three new Firefighters that found themselves on an "all hands" fire call 6 hours into their first shift. One of these fine young gentlemen is actually a returning employee that left our employment to pursue a career in the Fire services. Educated himself in the field and successfully completed the Civil Service hiring process. We happily welcome back Ryan Norton. Joining him in the fire service are Nathan Fitzgerald and Joshua Logan. Welcome aboard and stay safe!    

As much as we would love to welcome each new hire as they join our team as well as offer our good wishes to our departing employees whether they are retiring or moving on to other endeavors, time constraints have prevented me from doing so. So that being said, I would like to bring us up-to-date from my last post. 

hire list.pdf

August 2014

Elizabeth "Betsy" Henderson joined Donna and Jessi as our part-time Public Safety Secretary. Welcome Betsy! 

July 2014

A busy month in July sees four new employees joining our ranks. Whitney Dorsett is our new Recreation Coordinator who, among other tasks, will be overseeing the wonderful Senior Program here at the City. Steven Levesque is the latest addition to our IT Department as the new Help Desk Tech I. Give him a call, he'll be happy to assist anyway he can. Patrick MacVane joined the Public Works Department as an Equipment Operator I. Hope he is up for long winter nights of plowing ahead of him. Richard Heatley is the fourth as the latest addition to a fantastic custodial staff at the Community Center. Welcome All.

June 2014

The early summer brings us a new police officer, Ezekiel Collins was sworn in to the best police force in Southern Maine. Colleen Mitchell was hired to replace long time Water Resource Protection Secretary Pam McCarthy who retired from the City after twenty-seven years. We welcome Ezekiel and Colleen and wish them both many years of rewarding employment at the City.

May 2014

The Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Department along with the Public Works Department brought on two new "old" faces. We heartily welcome back to the City former Parks Maintainer Enrico Perruzzi to the position of Park Foreman. Confident that our beautiful fields will be expertly tended under his skilled hand. Kevin Richards a former seasonal Public Works employee is stepping up to a full time Equipment Operator I position. Welcome Back Guys! 

April 2014

April ended up being a big hire month with four new Firefighters ready to join the ranks and protect our wonderful City. Please welcome, Daniel Musser, Mahlon Hansen, Raymond Heal and Jason Johnson. The last week of the month also brought us Nancy Crowell to our Transporation Department.

March 2014

After no new hires in February, we welcome formerly seasonal employee Russell Hughes to the ranks for full time Equipment Operator I at Public Works.  

January 2014

Happy New Year! The New Year brings us a new Patrol Officer. Kaitlyn Harper, Welcome to your new career! A trio of Library Aides ever willing to assist the Library patrons, please welcome Lauren Isele, Lydia Badger and Molly Graham. Welcome Ladies!

December 2013

We welcomed Heather Margel to our outstanding staff of custodians at the Community Center. 

November 2013

We are happy to have Michael Guibord on board as our new Parks Foreperson and Jessica Debenedetto has joined our dedicated Public Safety Staff as our new part-time Secretary.

September 2013

We welcomed two new Bus Drivers Richard Gosselin and Kevin O'Connor as well as a new Mechanic in our Public Works Department, Steven Gobeil.

August 2013

Bus Driver Rose Boivert joined our ranks along with Youth Services Assistant Molly Ladd in our Parks and Recreation Staff.

July 2013

Brian Dugas was hired as our Parks and Recreation Assistant Superintendent.

June 24, 2013

The City of South Portland has hired Arthur L. Handman as the next Director of Transportation for the City of South Portland.