Marijuana Establishments
Zoning & Licensing

State Regulations, Rules and Licensing (Office of Marijuana Policy)
Business owners looking to operate a marijuana establishment in the State of Maine should be familiar with the State laws and regulations outlined on the Office of Marijuana Policy website. 

Local authorization of Marijuana Establishments is two-part process: Local Land Use Approval and Local Licensing.   

To start the process, first contact the Code Enforcement Office to determine the zoning requirements for where you intend to operate your business.

Local Land Use Approval (South Portland Planning Department and Planning Board)

On December 18, 2018, the South Portland City Council adopted updates to regulations for marijuana establishments (Medical & Adult Use). All marijuana establishments (Medical & Adult Use) are required to apply for land use approval. Other approvals may be required in order for you to operate your establishment. Please contact Community Planner listed below to discuss what approvals may be necessary.

File Name Date Added File Size
ORDINANCE #2-1819.pdf 1/15/2019 184.87 KB
ORDINANCE #3-1819.pdf 1/15/2019 216.64 KB
CH27_ArticleXIX.pdf 1/15/2019 217.79 KB
Sensitive Use Analysis.pdf 4/29/2019 1,554.87 KB

Local Business License (South Portland City Clerk and City Council)

Local license applications may be found below.

A Class I license is required for all marijuana products manufacturing facilities. For all Class I applications, the City Clerk is authorized to issue new and renewal licenses following public notice of the application and positive recommendations from the Police Department, Fire Department, Health Inspector, and Code Enforcement Officer.

A Class II license is required for marijuana cultivation facilities, marijuana dispensaries and marijuana retail stores. For all Class II applications, the process for Class I license applies, with the additional requirement that initial City Council approval is required at a public hearing. The City Clerk is authorized to process all renewal applications.

Marijuana testing facilities are not required to be licensed, per City Ordinance Sec. 14- 775(b).

For information related to local licensing, please contact Emily Scully, City Clerk (, 207-767-3201)