Citizen Initiated
Waterfront Protection Ordinance

Relevant Documents

On August 19, 2013, the City Council of the City of South Portland voted 1 to 5 (Smith) against adopting the Citizen Initiated Waterfront Protection Ordinance.  A subsequent vote was passed 6 to 0 to send the Waterfront Protection Ordinance to be voted on by the electors of South Portland at the November 5, 2013 Election.  A sample ballot will be ready for viewing after September 9, 2013.


1.   Workshop and City Council Information:

Planning Director Memo-ADDENDUM to the Planning Board dated July 18, 2013;

City Clerk’s Position Paper to City Council dated August 5, 2013;

Ground Rules for the July 23, 2013 Planning Board Hearing;

Corporation Counsel’s email to the City Manager dated July 18, 2013;

Corporation Counsel’s Memo dated July 3, 2013;

Proposed Citizen Initiated Ordinance as delivered to the City Council;

Actual Proposed Waterfront Ordinance from the Citizens Petition; and,

Map of Areas Potentially Affected by the Proposed Waterfront Ordinance.

Position Paper and 08/13/13 Planning Board Report for the 08/19/13 Council Meeting

2.   Concerned Citizens of South Portland and City’s Staff Response:

Letter from Natalie West to Tex Haeuser dated July 31, 2013;

Letter from Tex Haeuser to Natalie West dated August 5, 2013;

Memo form Natalie West dated July 23, 2013;

Memo from Natalie West dated June 20, 2013; and,

Letter from Patricia Doucette, Deputy Planning & Development Direct and Code Enforcement Director in response to the June 20 West memo.

3.   Letter from Perkins Thompson Attorneys representing Irving Oil Terminals (Buckeye and CITGO):

Letter dated July 18, 2013;

Letter dated July 22, 2013; and,

Letter dated August 7, 2013.

4.   Letter from Pierce Atwood Attorneys representing Portland Pipeline Corporation;

Letter dated July 18, 2013

Letter dated August 2, 2013; and,

Letters dated August 8, 2013.

5.   Oil Terminal Operators and Businesses:

Letter from Buckeye Partners dated August 7, 2013;

Letter from Irving dated August 7, 2013;

Letter from CITGO dated August 6, 2013;

Letter from American Petroleum Institute dated August 12, 2013;

Letter and video from Portland Tugboat, LLC dated July 26, 2013; and,

Letter from American Petroleum Institute dated December 3, 2013

6.   Public Comments:

Email from Dave Owen dated August 8, 2013

7.   Evidences provided at the August 13th Planning Board Hearing

Written testimony of Attorney David Lourie dated August 13, 2013; and,

Written testimony of Mr. Sousa dated August 13, 2013.


8.   Documents from the August 19th City Council Meeting

Position Paper, proposed Ordinance and Planning Board Report