Proposed Solar Zoning Amendments

The following proposed zoning amendments and associated documents represent an effort to establish how and where to allow various types and sizes of solar energy systems in South Portland and to create the standards that would regulate them.  For more information, please contact Tex Haeuser, Planning Director, at 


The City Council will be holding a workshop regarding the amendments on 12-12-16.


Solar Zoning Amendments

File Name Date Added File Size
02 - Solar Energy Zoning Amendments.pdf 12/12/2016 1,188.23 KB
Pitched Roof Array Layout for Fire Code Compliance _ SolarPro Magazine.pdf 12/12/2016 567.60 KB
NEC 2017 Updates for PV Systems _ SolarPro Magazine.pdf 12/12/2016 681.63 KB
Designing for Fire Code Compliance _ SolarPro Magazine.pdf 12/12/2016 1,318.87 KB
Solar_Ordinance_Map_for_Large-Scale_Systems.pdf 3/24/2016 1,655.57 KB
Solar_Ordinance_Map_for_Medium-Scale_Systems.pdf 3/24/2016 1,710.07 KB
Solar_Ordinance_Map_for_Roof_and_Small_Systems.pdf 3/24/2016 1,694.52 KB
Use Table for Solar Ordinance.pdf 3/24/2016 79.14 KB
Proposed Solar Ordinance 3-21-16.pdf 3/24/2016 483.75 KB
Proposed Solar Ordinance 4-1-16.pdf 4/6/2016 475.55 KB
Planning Board Memo to City Council on Proposed Solar Amendments.pdf 4/22/2016 144.08 KB