Vacation House Check Program Information

The Vacation House Check program allows local home owners to register their homes with the police department when they are going away for vacation. Home owners complete the form located on the left side bar which provides the police department with pertinent information about their residence, such as vehicles left in the driveway, timer lights, emergency contacts and length of time away.  A member of our Volunteer in Police Service Program, will check on the registered homes periodically. 

Here are two important points:

  • We are providing this program as a service to South Portland residents who are away on a brief vacation, generally 2 to 3 weeks in length. Our volunteers check on the homes as they are able.  The police department does not always have volunteers working; so homes are not checked on a daily basis.
  • This service is for residents who are away for a short amount of time – two to three weeks. If the home is for sale, vacant, or the owner is away for more than a few weeks we suggest you consider private security measures such as a building alarm.  If registered, our V.I.P.S. will conduct a drive-by of the residence on a weekly basis or as time allows.

The Vacation House Check registration can be accomplished several different ways.  Interested homeowners may click on the form located on the left sidebar. Please fill in all the fields and select submit.  Once completed, the form automatically populates our database.  Homeowners may also download the form, complete the necessary fields and then either mail, fax or drop it off at the police department.

Click on the sidebar on how you want to submit your Vacation House Check Form. Either electronically from the website or Print the form to submit in person to the South Portland Police Department or fax to 207-799-4810 attn: Sgt. Jake Hall

If you have any questions concerning the Vacation House Check Program contact:

Community Response Sgt. Jake Hall, or call 207-799-5511 ext 7218