Below is the Investment Grade Audit (IGA) for the City of South Portland, with the Appendix files.   This information is provided by RealTerm.

The City Council will vote on approving the new LED Street Lights based on the IGA.  This item is expected to come before the Council on August 7, 2018.


Investment Grade Audit (IGA) Report

LED Street Light Project & Survey

LED Streetlight Conversion

The City of South Portland is conducting a pilot project to test new LED streetlight fixtures. This is one of the final steps in the process of converting approximately 1,900 streetlights currently leased from Central Maine Power and a number of other City-owned outdoor lights to LED fixtures.

LED streetlights offer several advantages over older lighting technologies: 

  • LED streetlights save energy.They consume a fraction of the electricity consumed by metal halide and high-pressure sodium lights to produce an equivalent amount of light. In fact, LEDs can reduce electricity consumption for street lighting by 75%. For example, this project will replace a 70 watt high-pressure sodium bulb with a 30 watt LED. Doing so will reduce the City’s electricity consumption for street lighting by roughly 787,000 kWh per year. According to the EPA’s greenhouse gas calculator, this is equivalent to not using more than 65,000 gallons of gasoline a year.
  • LED fixtures provide better light and reduce glare, improving safety on City streets. LED lighting allows people to see colors more clearly, which makes it easier to recognize people and objects on the streets and sidewalks. In addition, it is easy to aim LEDs to shine light where it should be and to avoid shining it where it is unwanted. The American Medical Association supports the conversion of streetlights to LED technology at lower Kelvin levels.    
  • LED fixtures will save the city money. Implementing this project will offer significant financial benefits to the City as well. The conversion is expected to save South Portland around $212K per year in lease payments to CMP, and up to $88K per year in delivery and energy supply costs. Even though the City will now be required to maintain the lights, we do not expect this to be a significant cost because LED lights have extremely long lives and low failure rates. Despite these new expenses and the loss of some tax revenue, this project will save significant money overall, and the payback is expected to be 4-5 years.
Pilot Sites
In order to give community members the opportunity to provide feedback, we have set up five test sites. These sites are designed to test different aspects of the new LED fixtures. 

The sites will be open for comment until Tuesday May 1, 2018. Once the pilot is completed and the City has chosen lights, our RealTerm consultants will complete the lighting conversion plan for the City that meets national street lighting standards. 

Testing different color temperatures:
Site 1: Broadway from Ocean to Cottage
Site 2: E St
Site 3: Broadway & Westbrook St
Site 4: Pine St & Chase St
Testing different fixtures:
Site 5: Wermuth Rd in Redbank Village


Street Light Documents

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EUIC Talk - Final.pptx 11/10/2018 10,157.54 KB
Street Light Law.pdf 10/7/2016 54.39 KB
rte_signed_contract_092916--Falmouth.pdf 10/7/2016 222.67 KB
Request for Qualifications.pdf 10/7/2016 501.53 KB
RealTerm Proposal.pdf 10/7/2016 2,618.93 KB
PUC Order 10-17-15.pdf 10/7/2016 231.07 KB
PUC Order 9-13-16.pdf 10/7/2016 80.17 KB
PUC Findings 9-22-14.pdf 10/7/2016 141.88 KB
Original Version of the Standard Form Agreement.pdf 10/7/2016 388.24 KB
CMP Terms and Conditions Sheets.pdf 10/7/2016 661.42 KB

Unsuccessful Vendors' Proposals

File Name Date Added File Size
TEN.pdf 10/7/2016 2,663.56 KB
Siemens.pdf 10/7/2016 2,368.24 KB
Pemco.pdf 10/7/2016 243.42 KB