Swimming Pools

A Swimming Pool Permit is required for installing a swimming pool or wading pool.  Minimum setbacks for a pool are fifty feet (50’) from the front property line and ten feet (10’) from side and rear property lines. If the lot is a corner lot, with two front property lines, the shorter of the two lines shall be deemed the front property line and the other line will be considered the side property line, for the purpose of determining swimming pool setbacks only. Fencing is required in most cases.  Please check with our office to determine your fencing requirements. Electrical connections for pool equipment may require the work of a master electrician, who would need to pull a separate wiring permit.

Proposals for swimming pools require, as noted on the Swimming Pool Permit Application:

  • A completed Swimming Pool Permit Application with full contact information for the property owner, applicant or agent, and contractor. 
  • A simple plot plan drawn on the application in the space provided, or on a separate sheet of paper, showing the dimensions or diameter of the pool, its shape and depth, and locating the pool where it will be placed on the property. The pool’s distances from property lines must also be shown. The plan should indicate any other structures on the lot and be clear as to where the street(s) are located.
  • The estimated cost of the project including labor and materials.  The Swimming Pool Permit Fee is a Building Permit Fee, and will be based on estimated cost, at a rate of $15 per $1000 estimated cost or part thereof. The minimum fee for all pools is $25.
  • Building permit fee paid at time of application, in the form of cash or check only.