On June 18, 2019, the City Council established the Willard Beach Master Plan Committee. The purpose of the ad hoc Willard Beach Master Plan Committee shall be to present the South Portland City Council with a draft Master Plan for Willard Beach.  Agendas and minutes of the committee will be posted on this page Fridays the week before each meeting.  All meetings are open to the public. 

Please check back here and on the calendar for meeting agendas & updates. 


Denise MenardDistrict 5 (Resident)
Peter Wilson, Vice Chairman - District 1 (Resident)
Peggy Stewart, Secretary - District At-Large (Resident)
Catherine Bickford - District 1 (Resident)
Emily Wright - District 2 (Resident)
Pedro Vazquez - District 3 (Resident)
Jessica Wibby - District 4 (Resident)
Amy McGann - District At-Large (Resident)


Steve Puleo, Community Planner (designee for Director of Planning)
Kristina Ertzner, South Portland Park Ranger
Kevin Adams, Director of Parks, Recreation & Waterfront
Jocelyn Leighton, District 1 City Councilor (Non-Voting Member)



Voting Members (11)

•Two residents from District 1, appointed by the District 1 Councilor;
•One resident from each of the remaining districts, appointed by the respective district Councilor;
•Two residents at large from any district, appointed by each of the at large Councilors, respectively;
•The Director of Parks, Recreation, and Waterfront (or his/her designee);
•The Park Ranger;
•The Director of Planning (or his/her designee).

Non-Voting Members (2)

•The City Councilor from District 1;
•A consultant (to be hired through an RFP process).

Willard Beach Master Plan Committee

File Name Date Added File Size
Willard Beach Agenda 02-08-21.pdf 2/5/2021 115.66 KB
Willard Beach - Minutes (Addendum) 2-24-20.pdf 2/3/2021 380.76 KB
Willard Beach-Minutes 01-11-21.pdf 2/2/2021 126.94 KB
Willard Beach-Minutes 02-24-20.pdf 2/2/2021 150.72 KB
Willard Beach Agenda 01-11-21.pdf 1/5/2021 79.02 KB
Willard Beach-Minutes 1-27-20.pdf 2/26/2020 146.87 KB
Willard Beach Agenda 02-24-20.pdf 2/21/2020 75.79 KB
Willard Beach-Minutes 12-16-19.pdf 2/3/2020 143.54 KB
Willard Beach-Minutes 11-18-19.pdf 2/3/2020 161.04 KB
Willard Outfall Presentation.pdf 1/29/2020 5,942.58 KB
Willard Beach Agenda 01-27-20.pdf 1/14/2020 43.08 KB
Willard Beach Agenda 12-16-19.pdf 12/5/2019 37.34 KB
Willard Beach Committee Presentation.pptx 11/20/2019 87,435.48 KB
Invasive Plants.pptx 11/20/2019 17,390.32 KB
Willard Beach Meeting - Patrick.docx 11/20/2019 12.29 KB
Willard Beach-Minutes 10-21-19.pdf 11/19/2019 1,914.57 KB
RFP Process - Committee Facilitator.pdf 11/18/2019 51.35 KB
Willard Beach Agenda 11-18-19.pdf 11/15/2019 41.21 KB
Meeting - Info on Dog Ordinance.pdf 10/22/2019 116.45 KB
15 - Position Paper - Citizen Initative Ch 3 06-29-09.pdf 10/22/2019 14.63 KB
15 - Ordinance - Dogs On Beach.pdf 10/22/2019 22.78 KB
Willard Beach-Minutes 09-26-19.pdf 10/22/2019 152.21 KB
Willard Beach - Agenda 10-21-19.pdf 10/10/2019 8.72 KB
Willard Beach - Agenda 09-26-19.pdf 9/19/2019 78.11 KB
Willard Beach System Research Resource and Management Guide.doc 8/13/2019 202.00 KB
ORDER #20.pdf 8/8/2019 2,533.36 KB
AMENDED ORDER - Willard Beach Master Plan Ad Hoc Committee.pdf 6/20/2019 329.59 KB