2014 Capital Improvement Program

Table of Contents

Manager’s CIP Transmittal Letter


Seven-year Capital Improvement Program


Cultural and Recreational Facilities
Main Library - Exterior Painting
Main Library - Security Camera System
Recreation - Community Center - HVAC Control
Recreation - Municipal Pool Decking/Access Updates
Recreation - Redbank Community Center - Playground
Recreation - Redbank Community Center - HVAC Replacement

Environmental Protection
Water Resource Protection - 7-Yard Dump Truck Body
Water Resource Protection - CSO Elm Street Phase I - I/I Removal

General Government
City Hall - Siding, insulation, Trim
Comprehensive Plan Implementation
Hutchins School Improvements
Information Systems - Computer Reserve
Planning and Development - Electrical Inspector's Vehicle

Parks and Open Space
Parks - Cross Country Ski Groomer/Golf Card
Parks - Greenbelt Walkway to Scarborough
Parks - 3/4 Ton Replacement Truck
Parks - Wainwright Field - #2 Re-grading
Parks - Wainwright/Golf Course - Field/Parking Drainage Improvements, Blower Unit, Walk Behind Mower, Sprayer
Parks - Wilkinson Updates

Public Safety
Fire Department - Ambulance and Power Stretcher
Fire Department - Fire Truck Reserve
Fire Department - Thermal Cameras (2)
Police Department - Firearms Replacement
Police Department - Regional Crime Lab
Police Department - Vehicle Camcorder Replacement

Public Works and Transportation
Bus Service - Air Compressor
Bus Service - Transit Bus Reserve
Planning and Development - PACTS Collector Roads - Billy Vachon Dr, Cottage Rd, Stanford St, Market St Improvements
Planning and Development - PACTS - Route 1 Streetscape Design
Public Works - Broadway Sidewalk - Main Street to Westbrook Street
Public Works - Gorham Road Traffic Islands
Public Works - Route 1 Bike/Pedestrian Improvements
Public Works - Sidewalk Program
Public Works - Street Paving Program
Public Works - Truck with Plow and Wing (1)
Transportation - Portland Harbor Dredging


School Facilities


Appendix A - The Capital Improvement Budget Process
Appendix B - Capital Improvement Plan Project Evaluation Guidelines
Appendix C - Other Demographic, Economic and Gvmt. Statistical Info
Appendix D - Fund Balance Policy
Appendix E - Analysis of Bonded Indebtedness
Appendix F - Buildings, Equipment, Vehicles, Technolgy and Telephone Inventory
Appendix G- Glossary


20-year CIP History