2015 Capital Improvement Program

Table of Contents

Manager’s CIP Transmittal Letter


Seven-year Capital Improvement Program


Cultural and Recreational Facilities
Main Library - Childrens' Room & Circulation Desk - Design Serv
SPCC - Replacement Updates-Pool/Gym/Teen Wing
SPCC - Therapy Spa Contribution

Environmental Protection
Water Resource Protection - Cold Planner Attachment
Water Resource Protection - Maine Mall Road Sewer Replacement
Water Resource Protection - Steerable CCTV Transporter
Water Resource Protection - Thornton Heights Separation Phase I Construction
Water Resource Protection - Thornton Heights Separation Phases II, III and IV
Water Resource Protection - Treatment Plant Boiler

General Government
City Hall - Lower Level Meeting Room Renovations
Human Resources - MUNIS HR Software
Information Systems - City Fiber Optic Infrastructure
Information Systems - Email Archive and eDiscovery Software
Information Systems - Vmware Host Server Hardware
Land Bank Account
Planning and Development - Bike Racks
Planning and Development - Window Replacement - Phase III
Public Events Banner for Broadway

Parks and Open Space
Parks - 3/4 Ton Replacement Plow Truck #81
Parks - Foley Accu Grinder
Parks - Golf Course Study - Comp Transition Plans 
Parks - Thomas Knight Park - ADA Path

Public Safety
Fire Department - EMS Rapid Response Unit
Fire Department - Fire Truck Reserve
Police Department - Regional Crime Lab
Police Department - Tactical Body Armor Replacement

Public Works and Transportation
Bus Service - Hub Terminal - HVAC, Canopy, AVL Sign Equipment
Bus Service - Transit Bus (2)
Bus Service - Transit Bus Reserve
Public Works - Asphalt Hot Box and Pavement Recycler
Public Works - Rapid Pedestrian Warning Beacons (3)
Public Works - Sawyer Street Sidewalk
Public Works - Street Paving Program


School Facilities


Appendix A - The Capital Improvement Budget Process
Appendix B - Capital Improvement Plan Project Evaluation Guidelines
Appendix C - Other Demographic, Economic and Gvmt. Statistical Info
Appendix D - Fund Balance Policy
Appendix E - Analysis of Bonded Indebtedness
Appendix F - Buildings, Equipment, Vehicles, Technolgy and Telephone Inventory
Appendix G- Glossary


20-year CIP History