2017 Capital Improvement Program

Table of Contents

Manager’s CIP Transmittal Letter


2017 Spreadsheets


Year I Sheet - 2017 CIP

Cultural and Recreational Facilities

         Recreation - LED Pool Lighting
         Recreation - SPCC - Municipal Therapy Spa
         Recreation - SPCC - Roof Repairs
         Recreation - SPCC - Transit Connect Van

Environmental Protection

         Water Resource Protection - Catchbasin Debris Body
         Water Resource Protection - Collection Div 4 x 4 Pickup Unit #8
         Water Resource Protection - Control System Upgrade
         Water Resource Protection - Ottawa Road CSO
         Water Resource Protection - Thornton Heights Separation Phase III
         ($1,700,000 bond approved by voters on November 4, 2014)

General Government

          City Clerk - Voting Booths
          Information Systems - Avaya Phone System Upgrade
          Information Systems - Computer Reserve
          Information Systems - Fiber Optic Infrastructure - Phase II
          Information Systems - Microsoft Office and Exchange Upgrade
          Land Bank Account

Parks and Open Space

          Parks - #76-3/4 Ton Plow Truck Replacement
          Parks - Agricultural Tractor Upgrade
          Parks - Greenbelt Update Year 1
          Parks - Groundsmaster 7200 Multipurpose Mower/Polar Trac 7210
          Parks - ProCore 1298 Aerator
          Parks - TopDresser

Public Safety

          Fire Department - Central Station Kitchen Renovation /Fire Suppression System
          Fire Department - Squad 4 Replacement
          Police Department - Body Armor Replacement
          Police Department - Body Worn Cameras
          Police Department - Conductor Electrical Weapons
          Police Department - Regional Crime Lab

Public Works and Transportation

         Bus Service - Transit Bus Reserve
         Planning & Development - City Bicycle Plan
         Planning & Development - Greenbelt Pedestrian Bridge Preliminary Engineering
         Planning & Development - Mill Creek Improvements Design
         Planning & Development - Mill Creek/PACTS Improvements
         Planning & Development - West End Master Plan
         Public Works - Pedestrian Crossing Flashers (3)
         Public Works - Sidewalk Program
         Public Works - Two (2) Trucks with Plows


Appendix A -    The Capital Improvement Budget Process
Appendix B -    Capital Improvement Plan Project Evaluation Guidelines
Appendix C -    Other Demographic, Economic, and Governmental Statistical Information
Appendix D -    Fund Balance Policy
Appendix E -    Analysis of Bonded Indebtedness
Appendix F -     Buildings, Equipment, Vehicles, and Technology Inventory of the City
Appendix G -    Glossary


History of CIP Funding


           School Facilities