Name of Body:  City Council
Agenda for the Meeting of:  July 6, 2015
Meeting Begins:  7:00 P.M.
Location:  City Hall Council Chambers

A recording of this meeting can be accessed online.  There are several time increments noted in red below which indicate the number of minutes into the meeting that these items occur in the event you are interested in viewing a certain item.  You may have to wait a minute or two at the beginning of the meeting for the time marker to move forward far enough to click on it and drag it forward.

Documents are Adobe PDF files. Agenda

A.       Acceptance of Minutes

B.       Communications from City Manager

C.       Petitions and Communications

D.      Appointment Calendar 5:30 Minutes into the meeting

1.   ORDER #35-14/15– Board of Assessment Review, District Five (Fox), for an unexpired term which expires on 12/31/16. Postponed since 10/20/14.  Passage requires majority vote.

2.   ORDER #86-14/15 – Conservation Commission, District Two (Smith), for an unexpired term which expires on 11/20/17. Postponed since 02/18/15. Passage requires majority vote.

3.   ORDER #89-14/15 – Civil Service Commission, District Three (Linscott), for an unexpired term which expires on 03/01/19. Postponed since 03/02/15.  Passage requires majority vote.

4.   ORDER #114-14/15 – Conservation Commission, District One (Morgan), for an unexpired term which expires on 3/3/18. Postponed since 4/22/15.  Passage requires majority vote.

5.   ORDER #121-14/15 – Energy & Recycling Committee, District One (Morgan), for a term which expires on 05/05/18.  Postponed since 5/4/15. Passage requires majority vote.

6.   ORDER #1-15/16 – Board of Appeals, District One (Morgan), appointing Edward Kelleher for a term which expires on 7/23/18.  Passage requires majority vote.

7.   ORDER #2-15/16 – Board of Appeals, District Two (Smith), for a term which expires on 7/23/18.  Passage requires majority vote.

8.   ORDER #3-15/16 – Board of Appeals, At Large (Beecher), appointing Alexander Anastasoff for a term which expires on 7/23/18.  Passage requires majority vote.

9.   ORDER #4-15/16 – Conservation Commission, District Four (Cohen), appointing Scott Wilburn for an unexpired term which expires on 3/3/16. Passage requires majority vote.

E.       Consent Calendar

10.   STREET CLOSURE  - The Willardfest Committee is requesting the closure of Preble Street at Willow Street, Pillsbury Street up to 444 Preble Street for Willardfest on July 11th with a rain date of July 12th. Passage requires majority vote.

F.       Citizen Discussion (First Part) 22:40 Minutes into the meeting

G.      Public Hearings and Action

H.      Action on Old and New Business 32:57 Minutes into the meeting

11.   ORDER #5-15/16 – Accepting miscellaneous donations. Passage requires majority vote.

12.   ORDER #6-15/16 - Authorizing night time work on Main Street for placement of intermediate pavement in conjunction with the Thornton Heights Sewer Separation Phase II project.    Passage requires majority vote. 36:15 Minutes into the meeting

13.   ORDER #7-15/16 - Award of bid to Autotronics, of Madawaska, ME, for the purchase of an ambulance for the South Portland Fire Department through the cooperative bid process with the City of Portland.   Passage requires majority vote.  48:30 Minutes into the meeting

14.   ORDER #8-15/16 - Adopting the 2015 Mill Creek Master Plan.  Passage requires majority vote. 56:30 Minutes into the meeting

I.        Citizen Discussion (Second Part) 104:25 Minutes into the meeting

J.       Councilor’s Round Robin

K.      Executive Session 

Note: Items may be added to or deleted from the tentative agenda.  Copies of amended agenda may be obtained from the City Clerk.  Amendments, if any, appear on attachments to the tentative agenda.

In the event the Council determines that it may not reach all agenda items by 11:00 P.M., it may postpone some items to a subsequent meeting.  Postponement is not required, and the Council may take up agenda items after 11:00 P.M.  Any items postponed to the next meeting will normally be scheduled ahead of subsequently scheduled agenda items.