Name of Body:  City Council
 Agenda for the Meeting of:  November 2, 2015
Meeting Begins:  7:00 P.M.
Location:  City Hall Council Chambers 

Agenda Issued:

A.      Acceptance of Minutes

B.      Communications from City Manager

C.      Petitions and Communications

D.      Appointment Calendar

1.   ORDER #86-14/15 – Conservation Commission, District Two (Smith), for an unexpired term which expires on 11/20/17. Postponed since 02/18/15. Passage requires majority vote.

2.   ORDER #89-14/15 – Civil Service Commission, District Three (Linscott), for an unexpired term which expires on 03/01/19. Postponed since 03/02/15.  Passage requires majority vote.

3.   ORDER #114-14/15 – Conservation Commission, District One (Morgan), for an unexpired term which expires on 3/3/18. Postponed since 4/22/15.  Passage requires majority vote.

4.   ORDER #2-15/16 – Board of Appeals, District Two (Smith), for a term which expires on 7/23/18.  Postponed since 07/06/15.  Passage requires majority vote.

5.   ORDER #41-15/16 – Arts & Historic Preservation Committee, District Two (Smith), for a term which expires on 10/20/18. Postponed on 10/19/15. Passage requires majority vote.

E.      Consent Calendar

6.   STREET CLOSURE – South Portland Parks, Recreation and Waterfront and the South Portland/Cape Elizabeth Chamber is requesting the closure of Hinckley Drive for an Annual Holiday Tree Lighting.  The Holiday Tree Lighting is scheduled for December 4, 2015 from 4:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. Passage requires majority vote.

F.       Citizen Discussion (First Part)

G.      Public Hearings and Action

7.   BUSINESS LICENSE – Fore River Brewing Company LLC DBA Fore River Brewing Company, 45 Huntress Avenue, for a Food Establishment Tavern License.  Passage requires majority vote.

H.      Action on Old and New Business

8.   ORDER #52-15/16 – Accepting miscellaneous donations.  Passage requires majority vote.

9.   ORDER #53-15/16 – Authorizing the City Manager to sign a collective bargaining agreement with the South Portland Police Patrol for the period of July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2018.  Passage requires majority vote.

10.   RESOLVE #4 -15/16 – Approving an Appropriation Transfer Resolve for FY 2016 for the South Portland Firefighters IAFF Local 1476  Union Contract, South Portland Police Command and Supervisory Unit Union Contract, South Portland Police Patrol Association Union Contract and Bus Service grant related position wage adjustments.  Passage requires majority vote.  As amended. 

11.   ORDER #54-15/16 – Authorizing the City Manager to execute and deliver to Central Maine Power Company an easement for property on Highland Avenue for all actions involved in electric and communication equipment and facilities. Passage requires majority vote. As amended.

12.   RESOLVE #5-15/16 - Asking that bells be rung at 11:00 a.m. on Veterans Day. Passage requires majority vote.

I.        Citizen Discussion (Second Part)

J.       Councilor’s Round Robin

K.      Executive Session

A motion may be made to go into executive session pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A., §405 (6)(a), evaluation of City Manager. 

Note:   Items may be added to or deleted from the tentative agenda.  Copies of amended agenda may be obtained from the City Clerk.  Amendments, if any, appear on attachments to the tentative agenda.


In the event the Council determines that it may not reach all agenda items by 11:00 P.M., it may postpone some items to a subsequent meeting.  Postponement is not required, and the Council may take up agenda items after 11:00 P.M.  Any items postponed to the next meeting will normally be scheduled ahead of subsequently scheduled agenda items.