Council Goal Setting Workshop
Location: McKernan Center, SMCC
Time: 6:00pm to 9:30pm



• Shared understanding of progress on existing goals.
• General conclusions about goals for the next three years.
• General conclusions about how to improve our effectiveness as a Council.
• Council members get to know each other better and appreciate each other’s

About the Workshop
This workshop provides an opportunity for Council Members to proactively discuss
goals and processes among themselves and the City Manager. So that the workshop
is fully inclusive, efficient, and highly productive, it will be facilitated by Craig
Freshley of Good Group Decisions. Craig’s primary job is not to offer suggestions for
goals or processes, but rather manage a good discussion among Council Members
and the City Manager. In addition to planning and facilitating the workshop, Craig
will also prepare a brief highlights report of the workshop’s themes and conclusions.


6:00 Dinner

6:30 Opening
Mayor Linda Cohen will open the workshop and briefly explain
our objectives. Facilitator Craig Freshley will briefly explain the
agenda and a few ground rules.

6:40 Three-Year Goals
We will look at each of last year’s goals, stated on the next
page. For each goal we will briefly evaluate our progress and
decide if we want to keep the goal as stated, or perhaps revise
it. We will also consider adding new goals.

2017 Three-Year Goals

1. Waterfront Master Plan/Climate adaptation A
2. Diversity in workforce and City Boards and Committees
3. Economic resilience/marketing 4. Streets/sidewalks
5. Implement Comprehensive Plan and involve neighbors
6. Senior “aging in place”
7. Access to detailed data to make informed decisions
8. Green space plan with inventory of assets Lastly, we will have a brief discussion about how Councilors will regularly assess progress on the goals.

7:50 Process Challenges

Just before the break, each Councilor will be asked to write an answer to the following question: In terms of how we conduct our business as a Council, what are the two most significant challenges currently preventing us from being the very most effective Council that we can be? Answers will be written anonymously and submitted to Craig who will transcribe and organize them over the break.

8:00 Break

8:20 Improving Our Effectiveness

Craig will reflect to us and summarize what we identified as our most significant challenges. Beginning with those most mentioned, we will discuss and try to come to conclusions about how to overcome such challenges. We will try to conclude with a list of “Intentions Going Forward.”