Agenda for the City Council Meeting
September 16, 2013
Meeting Begins: 7:00 P.M.
Location: City Council Chambers

Documents are Adobe PDF files. Agenda

A.   Acceptance of Minutes

B.   Communications from City Manager

C.   Petitions and Communications

          Department and Attendance reports for the month of August, 2013.

D.   Appointment Calendar

1.   ORDER #70-12/13 – Conservation Commission, District Two (Smith), for a term which expires on 11/20/14. Postponed since 12/17/12. Passage requires majority vote.

2.   ORDER #88-12/13 – Community Development Advisory Committee, District Three (Linscott), for a term which expires on 01/15/16. Postponed since 01/23/13.  Passage requires majority vote.

3.   ORDER #124-12/13 – Board of Assessment Review, District Two (Smith), for a term which expires on 03/16/16. Postponed since 04/01/13. Passage requires majority vote.

4.   ORDER #15-13/14 – Library Advisory Board, At Large (Blake), for an unexpired term which expires on 12/31/14. Postponed since 07/15/13. Passage requires majority vote.

E.   Consent Calendar

F.   Citizen Discussion (First Part)

G.   Public Hearings and Action

H.   Action on Old and New Business

5.   ORDER #39-13/14 – Accepting miscellaneous donations. Passage requires majority vote.

6.   ORDER #40-13/14 – Authorizing the City Manager to sign a collective bargaining agreement with Fire Command Officers in accordance with wage re-opening negotiations and extending the contract for one year to expire on June 30, 2015.  Passage requires majority vote.

7.   ORDER #41-13/14 - Authorizing the City Manager to sign an agreement with South Portland Firefighters IAFF Local 1476 in accordance with wage re-opening negotiations.  Passage requires majority vote.

8.   ORDER #42-13/14 – Award of a portion of Bid #9-14 to W. B. Mason, of Portland, ME for the purchase of lockers for South Portland High School.  Passage requires majority vote. 

I.   Citizen Discussion (Second Part)

J.   Councilor’s Round Robin

K.   Executive Session

Executive session pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(A) and (E), discussion or consideration of the assignment/duties/evaluation of a City Council appointee, the Corporation Counsel; discussion of a pending litigation matter, Callaghan, et al. v. City of South Portland; and discussion of the legal rights and duties of the City Council regarding a defective product.